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Friday, 6/17 - Monday, 6/20 - Bristol
We lived in Bristol for a couple of days, and made trips to Bath on Saturday, and to Cheltenham on Sunday
3a-Bristol/mini-DSC_0139.JPG 3-Bath/mini-SA_IMG_3160.jpg 3a-Bristol/mini-MD_030.jpg 3a-Bristol/mini-MG_04.jpg
The Grand Thistle Hotel Dinner Rehearsal on Saturday in the hotel
3a-Bristol/mini-DSC_0097.JPG 3a-Bristol/mini-DSC_0098.JPG 3a-Bristol/mini-DSC_0099.JPG

3a-Bristol/mini-MD_051.jpg 3a-Bristol/mini-MD_065.jpg 3a-Bristol/mini-DSC_0140.JPG
Dinner - the pate was not too popular...
Clocks of Bristol
3a-Bristol/mini-DSC_0141.JPG 3a-Bristol/mini-DSC_0143.JPG 3a-Bristol/mini-DSC_0144.JPG 3a-Bristol/mini-DSC_0103.JPG

The famous Bristol Bridge
5-Oxford/mini-SA_IMG_3231.jpg 3a-Bristol/mini-AM_00130.jpg We are on our way to Stratford & Oxford
Departure Monday AM On the bus



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