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Sunday, 6/19 - Cheltenham
We left Bristol for Cheltenham in shifts (one bus early, one later) because our visit to the Holst Museum in Cheltenham had to be done in small batches.  It was pretty interesting - Holst was born in Cheltenham, though did not live there as an adult.  After the museum, we had lunch at The Slug and Lettuce, free time to shop and sightsee, then a rehearsal and a spectacularly well-played concert at the Cheltenham Town Hall.
4-Cheltenham/mini-DSC_0106.JPG 4-Cheltenham/mini-DSC_0105.JPG 4-Cheltenham/mini-SA_IMG_3170.jpg 4-Cheltenham/mini-DSC_0107.JPG

4-Cheltenham/mini-DSC_0109.JPG 4-Cheltenham/mini-SA_IMG_3171.jpg 4-Cheltenham/mini-EL_00027.jpg
Waiting our turn
Holst's "Planets" Piano
4-Cheltenham/mini-SA_IMG_3187.jpg 4-Cheltenham/mini-DSC_0110.JPG 4-Cheltenham/mini-DSC_0113.JPG

A Clock!
4-Cheltenham/mini-AM_00012.jpg 4-Cheltenham/mini-AM_00045.jpg 4-Cheltenham/mini-MP_035.jpg
Primark was a popular stop!
4-Cheltenham/mini-DSC_0118.JPG 4-Cheltenham/mini-EL_00067.jpg 4-Cheltenham/mini-DSC_0117.JPG
What's wrong with this...?
4-Cheltenham/mini-DSC_0120.JPG 4-Cheltenham/mini-SA_IMG_3188.jpg 4-Cheltenham/mini-Tour2011pjs06.jpg
Lunch at the quaintly-named "Slug and Lettuce"
4-Cheltenham/mini-DSC_0119.JPG 4-Cheltenham/mini-SA_IMG_3194.jpg 4-Cheltenham/mini-SA_IMG_3195.jpg
Cheltenham Town Hall
4-Cheltenham/mini-DSC_0124.JPG 4-Cheltenham/mini-DSC_0133.JPG 4-Cheltenham/mini-DSC_0132.JPG
Rehearsal at the Town Hall Phil Salsbury readies the recording equipment.
4-Cheltenham/mini-DSC_0122.JPG 4-Cheltenham/mini-DSC_0123.JPG 4-Cheltenham/mini-DSC_0131.JPG
4-Cheltenham/mini-SA_IMG_3222.jpg 4-Cheltenham/mini-SA_IMG_3207.jpg 4-Cheltenham/mini-SA_IMG_3227.jpg
Concert Time! The Clock Talk.


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